Hey! My name is Kim and I live on the far west coast of Canada on Vancouver Island, BC. I live with my husband Josh and my furry sidekick Reba who keep me company on all our fun outdoor adventures. I’ve always had a passion for helping others and knew that there was something bigger for me in life…but breast cancer was definitely not what I expected.

Shortly after my 34th birthday, I was diagnosed with ER/PR+ Her2- stage 2b lobular breast cancer. I quickly went in for a lumpectomy, followed by 8 rounds of intense dose dense AC+T chemo, and 28 treatments of radiation. Halfway through radiation, I found out there was a possibility I still had cancer remaining in my breast and opted for a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy with immediate latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction. Fast forward almost a year, and I’ve had two more surgeries to exchange my expanders for implants and breast revisions which have included fat grafting and removing excess skin.

As I went through treatment, I found the resources in my local community to be more focused towards older women and that there weren’t enough resources for young women living with breast cancer. So, I started blogging and sharing my story through social media with the hopes of reaching out to other young women going through the same thing and letting them know they were not alone. I am now working with oncologists in my area to pull together more resources for the increasing population of young women being diagnosed with breast cancer and am working with various organizations to make a change.

But most importantly, I am truly making the most of my life, enjoying everyday that is given to me, and feeling grateful to be ALIVE!